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Contract Hire

The most popular choice today for all VAT registered businesses as 50% of the VAT can be reclaimed on a car being used for social and business use and 100% on all commercial vehicles.

05 June 2014

One small deposit and equal monthly payments (including maintenance if required) can secure any new car or commercial for up to 4 years based on a pre determined annual mileage.

Where a maintenance package is purchased you can benefit from one all inclusive monthly payment which will cover the total maintenance of your vehicle for the contract period. This will include all servicing bills, 24 hour breakdown cover, replacement tyres and exhaust systems.

Road fund license is also included for the period of hire leaving the user with nothing to do other than to put in the fuel.

At the end of the contract you can hand the car back or extend the period or purchase it back from us the choice is yours.